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Gobble Down on Thanksgiving Traditions

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

The holidays are meant to the bring friends and family together. Christmas isn't the only holiday with that effect. My second favorite holiday, I would have to say is Thanksgiving. Not just because of all the food you get to eat without any remorse. I love being surrounded by our family and friends that I don't get to see all the time. My dad invites as many people as possible because he believes the more the merrier, which he is right. This holiday is to show how thankful we are for the family and friends. Also on this holiday, we do have family traditions that we've been doing since I was small. I'm excited to share with you those traditions as well as show you what Thanksgiving means to me. 

The first and important tradition that my family does on Thanksgiving is deep fry the turkey. We started deep frying when I was in 3rd grade and once you've had it, deep frying is the way to go. It's a tradition that I think everyone looks forward too- mostly the men. They huddle around the fryer and the moment of putting the turkey in is video worthy every year. Also, did I mention one of our family friends makes his own beer and shares while celebrating another great deep fried turkey. Sometimes the guys can get a little ambitious and will put other types of food in the deep fryer. A popular one is the typical shrimp wrapped with bacon as well as I believe turkey gizzard. Yes their cholesterol will be screaming all day, but it's Thanksgiving. 

As my dad is outside with the fryer (at a good distance so the house doesn't burn down), my mom is inside preparing her famous mash potatoes and other sides. I would say it's a tradition for her to be the hostess with the mostess on Thanksgiving. One of my favorite sides though is something she doesn't make. My aunt makes the best devil eggs and she knows I love them. She always makes extra for me so I could take it home. I only get them once a year, so I always appreciate her thinking of me. Also, my grandma makes her homemade stuffing from scratch! Once you have a bite, you can't stop eating it. 

As we go into dinner, we say grace before devouring all the food. Not only do we say grace, but we also go around the circle saying what we are thankful for. As this year is coming to end, I'm thankful for a lot of things in my life. I'm grateful for my parents, who allowed me to chase my dreams. I'm thankful for my amazing new job that is making me work extremely hard and helping me grow in my career. I'm thankful for old friends that are still a part of my life with the distance as well as the new friends I've made in Denver. I'm also thankful for my overall family. I love to come home to family members, who ask me how I'm doing and say they are proud of me. It makes me feel like I'm doing something right and I'm going down the right path. Sometimes I think people forget about what to be thankful for and Thanksgiving helps you remember that. It allows you to say "I appreciate you and everything that you do." Well I'm thankful for all my supporters and that will never change. 

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! 


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