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Handling Stress in the Workplace

I'm the type of person, who 90 percent of the time loves my job and loves going to work. Recently though, I’ve been having major work stress that I never anticipated. As I'm going through this 2 months itch of an assignment that I'm not used to, it really made me question what type of worker I am and how will I get above this. Besides letting it all out to my parents and a few friends, I needed to find my own coping mechanisms while I was in and out of the work place. I needed to think how I can let go of what is going on and how I'm feeling to stay positive throughout this entire reassignment journey.

1. First step was to get back into the gym and do the elliptical for even a longer amount of time than I normally do. Another huge stress reliever was having my boxing gloves. I would start pounding the bag so hard, it would be swinging all over the place. You just punch out your frustrations and breathe once you can't punch anymore.

2. Write things down that will motivate you and make you feel more positive for the days ahead. My mom has been super amazing as I've been going through this. She sends me inspirational quotes each day, which does bring a smile to my face as I start my morning. Focus on those positive words each day and it makes you think differently as you handle the stress of the day.

3. Going on a walk after lunch is super beneficial. It's been a little difficult on my end to do since it has been snowing in Denver. It's just nice to step away from the desk and get fresh air. I will do two loops around my office- weather permitting- and talk with my colleagues that join me.

4. Another huge impact that helps relieve stress at work is having an open conversation with your boss on how you are feeling. It's always important to build that relationship anyways with your boss. Based on your boss's personality, there is a general way to communicate your feelings. Option 1 is honest and open to where you can use them as a support system. Option 2 is to get to the main points on how you are feeling and discuss positive outcomes on how to fix it.

I hope this helps with any work stress you might have in the future. Just remember to remain positive and then find a fast way to release that stress from your mind at the end of the work day. "Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success,"- Shiv Khera.


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