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Organizing Your Content the Right Way

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

I love the feeling of a brand coming together and showcasing content that is worth the read. If you read my blog post about starting a brand, you're already one step ahead of the game of getting your brand in order. Once you have the concept and idea, it's all about the content that is written. Then you ask, What type of content should be displayed and how can I organize these thoughts?

A quick tip when it comes to brainstorming ideas for content, write it down immediately. How do I make sure I remember these idea with no pen and paper near by, you might ask? Well, technology is beautiful everyone! I keep a list of different blog content ideas in my phone notepad. Once I'm sitting in front of my laptop, I can easily transport it into my electronic brainstorm board within Trello. Trello is an app that my first job used consistently for content production.

As you can see below, I made certain categories based where my blog posts were in the process. I also, color coordinated the card based on what type of blog post it is (lifestyle, beauty, workplace and etc). Within each card, I can create a checklist of what needs to be done throughout the process of creating the post. In my check list, I've added blog post completion, review draft, followed by social media creative and email. It truly helps me stayed organized when getting a blog post scheduled and the social media aspects that go with it.

Since Trello allows me to combine both boards, I can also set due dates on my post. Sometimes life can be busy and I'm prone to forget that I wanted to post blog content on a certain day. With Trello giving me a calendar view, I can see what I have coming up for the future and how far I am in the process through the checklists I have set up in each section.

Also, another great aspect of keeping my content organized through this app is that I can add photos for each note. Once I've completed certain artwork for a social media post, I quickly can upload it into my ticket. That way it's more accessible and organized for when it's time for posting.

Trello is my saving grace when running a blog website and did I mention it's free! It really helps me strategize what ideas I have and scheduling them out to my make my dreams a reality. Now that you've seen my content calendar so far, you know some of the content I'm working on! Some of these I'm really look forward to and I can't wait for you guys to read it. Now it's time for you to get your content ready!


1. Brainstorm ideas of content that follow the values of your blog website.

2. Create a calendar that you can stick with to keep yourself in check- whether it's on paper or electronic like mine.

3. Make that content you brainstormed a reality! Give yourself a check list before publishing so you can really showcase your content on all social media platforms and email.

Happy Content Building!


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