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What it's like Working for an Agency

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

When I graduated with a degree in Public Relations, I wasn't sure which direction it would take me. Most in this field go the direction of working for companies within the marketing department or head into agency work. As I started my career, I took on a role within an already well established company within its digital marketing department. I worked with many that came from agencies and they advised to get agency work on my resume- especially while I'm young.

I'm 3 years in with agency experience and my peers were right. Agency experience is extremely important because it's a time where people learn the most. The fast pace, high energy, work atmosphere... there is nothing like it. Also, it's a place where collaboration is highly welcomed.

One question I get asked the most is what does my day to day looks like? That's the best part! My day is always changing based on the needs of my client. I could go from planning social media campaigns for one client to working on a marketing strategy for another. As with any job though, some days require more hours. It really just depends on the needs of the clients and what is a priority.

The hardest part people face is how to even get started in the agency industry. Most of the time agencies are looking for people with agency experience or a certain amount of years of experience in the work force. I found my way in to an agency, by finding a niche of marketing within a bigger agency. From there, my experience and knowledge expanded.

Some things I've learned while working in an agency:

  1. Build a relationship with clients: As many people know, I'm a very outgoing person. I love to talk and meet new people. My clients (for the most part) notice that too. I build not only a professional relationship with them, but also a gradual personal relationship. When protesting started in Atlanta, immediately one of my clients asked me Monday morning if I was ok. That is the type of relationship I like to build with my clients. I like to make them feel comfortable and bring positive energy,

  2. Working for an agency requires hard work: Agency work isn't always glamorous and it does require to think outside of the box. Also, it might require some late hours. Your clients are a priority and by providing the best service is key when working for an agency. Most agencies try their best to accommodate during hectic time by offering great benefits for vacation time.

  3. Learn how to prioritize: Clients expect to be the #1 priority- even when you have more than 1 client. It takes a balancing act to really make sure your clients are all taken care of. Day to day work requires prioritizing. Currently I work with about 10 clients (gasp*). The first question that just popped into your head, "How do you handle all these clients?" Well as you should know already, I love a good planner and this year I got myself a jumbo planner to write lists. I base all my objectives on due dates and when contractors can get actions done. Agency work requires being on top of your game 110% of the time.

  4. Let the creative juices fly: You can't do the same marketing strategy for each client- especially based on their target audience. It's time to dust the creative cobwebs and let them to float to reality. Some jobs don't require creative thinking, but agencies thrive off it. Maybe a unique social media campaign to gain new customers or a new website design layout. The creative thoughts can be endless and most of the time the clients are up to try anything new. They rely on our opinion to give them results.

  5. Always analyze the results: You can learn a lot from results after a campaign launch. With both of my agency jobs, I always pulled an analysis together of how well did MoM (Month over Month). We would then present those results to our clients and explain why we got these results. Maybe it was a holiday that caused a low amount of engagement (or higher amount of purchases if in retail). Results can show what to experiment with and get answers on how to improve.

If you have anymore questions about agency work, sign up for my newsletter to hear the latest on my agency journey. If you are a fast paced, energized bunny with a creative mind that likes to think outside of the box, agency work is meant for you. You won't know unless you try it.


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