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Welcome to the fiesta

Public Relations and Strategy Professional, the Blonde behind The Working Blonde, Traveler and Lifestyle Blogger.  I will never stop learning how to achieve her dreams.


Born and raised in Ohio, I left the city of the Bearcats and became a Wildcat at the University of Kentucky. During my four years at UK, I studied Public Relations. Currently, I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and work for an software/IT company.


I'm a passionate writer and author of my own blog. On this blog, you can find different topics ranging from the office, travel, and lifestyle. My ideas for her blog posts come from my own experiences and what is happening in my life currently.


Not only am I a serious working professional in my current role, but I also freelance on the side. My mind thrives on creativity and I enjoy helping a brand reach its full potential. Whether it's press releases, event planning, research analysis, design, or PR strategy, I'm your gal.

Get  to know me...

My favorite season is Fall because of the clothing, the weather and the activities.

My Patronus is a White Stallion, which means I'm proud and stubborn. I won't stop showing what I'm capable of and fight for people that matter most to me. 

I'm not a coffee drinker. In that mug is a nice cup of hot chocolate. I'm all natural energy because I drink no caffeine. Just means I love my beauty sleep.

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