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My services include multiple options of digital marketing to traditional. Feel free to customize your service based on what you're looking for. You deserve the best plan based on your needs. Feel free to ping me if you have additional questions about service plans or if you need a customized plan. 


What I Can Do For You



Coming up with a brand takes time and thought. Let's start with your goals and business statement to build a brand.


Digital Assistant

Running your brand can take some time away. Call me your virtual assistant in all things marketing. 


Strategy and PR

Before you can implement marketing tactics, you first need to think of the strategy before putting your dollars anywhere. 

Branding Services

Whether is a full brand initiative or a rebrand, I got your back!

Coming up with your own brand can take time. Trust me! I've been there and that's why I'm here to help. We'll discuss your current goals and objectives with your current service or company. From there, I'll take the lead and design a full brand concept based on our conversation. I want to make your brand shine because your business is unique to who you are!

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Digital Assistant  Services

Instead of you setting up your marketing plan, let me assist ya!

Life can get busy when you're running your own company/brand. That's why I have the best package to offer. Let me become your digital assistant and take on digital marketing efforts. From the social media, graphic design, website updates, and everything else in between, I got your back to keep things on target with your individual marketing plan. 

Notebooks and Pens

Strategy and Public Relations Services

A custom strategy and pr plan just for your business.

Do you already have the tools to implement, but need help with thinking creatively? With this plan, I come up with a custom marketing strategy with digital and traditional aspects in mind. An add-on to this package is public relations in case press releases are needed as well as event coordination. I believe strategy and pr work hand in hand to have a successful brand and company!

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Sydney is a unicorn. She has intense creativity but can think through logistics and logarithms to ensure marketing efforts will have the most effective impact. I have followed her career the last few years after having to let her slip through my fingers due to hiring timing and location. It has been my pleasure to see that she has garnered the type of success I expected from that first interview phone call 3 years ago. Any work environment Sydney is a part of will benefit from her fresh take and insight


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