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2017 Halloween Costume Predictions

In about two short weeks it will be Halloween. Hopefully you at least decided what costume you will be wearing. When it comes to the top Halloween costumes each year, you can easily tell which ones will be the most popular. It depends on the movie that just came out that year, pop culture icons and the occasional politician that made an impression that year. Whether you make your costume or buy it, Halloween is a holiday to have fun and be someone else for a night. For this 2017 Halloween, here are my top predictions for Halloween costumes this season.

1. Wonder Woman: Many women were inspired by the Mighty Diana and how she didn't let men control her thoughts. Did I also mention she kicked a lot of butt. Anyways, I think for woman and even little girls this will be the most popular costume. Whether it's in her typical Wonder Woman outfit or her Themyscira outfit, the streets will be filled with Dianas with their trust lasso. Yes a lasso! Not the sword like they had in the movie because in the comics there was no sword or even in the cartoons. Come on DC!

2. The Blow Up Dinosaur costume: This past year this dinosaur blow up costume took over social media by storm. No surprise that we most likely will be seeing it around this Halloween season.

3. Any Star Wars character: Two movies (one that came out last December and a new one coming out this December) easily makes Star Wars an fun way for an entire family to dress up in a theme. Mostly likely will see Rey, storm troopers, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Rogue, Luke Skywalker and even a droid or two. Doesn't matter what year it is, Star Wars will always be popular.

4. Jon Snow and Daenerys: The couple outfit of this Halloween season. This last season made viewers freak out and there is no doubt in my mind that we will be seeing many Jon Snows and Daenerys with plush toy dragons on their shoulders. The Jon Snow costume makes it super easy to stay warm on a cold Fall night. Daenerys might have an issue since she is from the South and most of her clothes had open slits in multiple locations.

5. Beauty and the Beast: A hit this past year. Little girls will be dressing up as Bell and sing like Emma Watson walking down the street to get candy. They can easily find a beast from Dad or a little brother. Expect the yellow ball gown and a rose in hand. Such an easy costume too. All the girl needs is the right dress.

Still trying to figure out some ideas for Halloween? Inspiration is just around the corner if you go to Party City's inspiration wall or check unique costumes on Pinterest. We are two weeks away people! You better get moving until the Halloween store runs out!


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