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Friends Come and Go...That's Ok

Being on this Earth for 22 years, I have gone through many different types of friendships. Some of these friendships I thought would last a lifetime and somehow they would just end. In the end, it's not anyone's fault. It could come from just growing apart (meeting new people), differences that can't be resolved (no matter how hard you try), or distance. When I look at my past friendships, I think about if I ever regret becoming friends with these people To be honest with you guys, I never do. You see, I'm a strong believer that people were meant to come into your life at the moment you needed them the most (kind of like the Gryffindor sword in Harry Potter). When the friendship ends and people move on, I feel that our relationship took it's course and it's a relationship I never forget, whether it ended poorly or maybe it was distance that separated us. Growing up as an only child, I took my friendships very seriously. I looked at my friendships as basically siblings (depending on how close we truly got). My parents would even become close to my friends and my friends would feel so comfortable coming over. They would talk to my parents as if they were talking to their own parents. Now, from there maybe I did take friendship way too seriously. Once I became close with some of my friends, I would become protective of them. I never wanted to see one of my friends get hurt and I would hope they felt the same. I would hope by 6 months or more into the friendship, we both could be honest with each other because I thought that is what friendship meant. I started to realize though that wasn't the case for every friend I had in my life. When I left for college, distance is what separated me and some of my high school friends. Do i enjoy catching up with a few of them when we are in town? Of course! I even enjoyed hearing from my close girlfriends and seeing what they are up to. I had so many great memories with some of them and I couldn't imagine high school without them, even if we don't talk anymore at all. During my freshmen year of college, I was having a rough time. Drama in the dorms really made me upset and all I wanted to do was get out of the dorms. I met one girl that changed that for me. She made me go out and live life during basketball season. I thought we were going to be best friends for life because we seemed to have a very honest relationship. Then I started meeting more of her friends and bonding with them instantly. As years went by though things changed. I wanted so badly to fix things, but there was nothing to be fixed. That's when it hit me that she came into my life for reason. She introduced me to one of my best friends to this day and she made my freshmen year up to junior year fun! I would never take back all the memories I had with her. I needed her at my hardest time and for that I'm thankful for her. When it comes to all the friendships in my life, I don't look at why we stopped being friends. I just look at our positive memories and hope that they are doing great wherever they are in life. Even if I was hurt and heartbroken, they made an impression on my life. I've always said, "some people are meant to stay in your life forever and others are just meant to make an appearance." To those friends, who might be reading this blog post, I want to thank you for being apart of my life. You truly impacted me and I will never forget the fun memories we had together. You will always be a part of my story. Thanks for reading!


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