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Happy Fall!

Fall is here and it's time to be excited for the many things Fall has to offer. Let the pumpkin everything come out! Though I'm in Colorado and the temperature has already changed to the low 50s, that won't stop me from having a great Fall away from home.

When it comes to my Fall, there are a few things that I have to do every year. Every year, I love going to a pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin. When I was younger, my parents would have a pumpkin carving party and all the neighbors would come over. Once I got older that party disappeared, so it was up to me to keep the pumpkin carving alive in my family. Not only does the carving of pumpkins get me excited for Fall, but also the tractor rides around the farm to get you to the pumpkin patch really brings it full circle.

When the cool autumn nights finally arrive, I like to pour a glass of wine and have a relaxing night with the scented bath bombs. Specifically, the autumn bath bombs. The bath bombs I use are highly scented and I smell like pumpkin or vanilla for the night.

Another aspect of Fall that I love was Keeneland season in Kentucky. The course and the Keeneland property are just gorgeous in the Fall. With all the leaves changing color and the sun. It is truly a beautiful sight to see. For the people that have never been to Keeneland before, it is the horse racing track in Lexington. You might have seen it in the movie Secretariat. It's only open during the month of October and April. The topic of Keeneland brings me to another point about the Fall fashion because at Keeneland you dress up for the races.

Besides the smell of everything pumpkin, I love scarf weather. I love wearing different colored scarfs with all different thickness. Right now, I'm obsessed with my blanket scarf. It's big and super cozy for those chilly nights. I also love boots and did I mention my obsession with fuzzy socks. When I moved to Denver, my mom didn't pack my fuzzy socks. I knew autumn was just around the corner and literally begged her to ship them ASAP. Frankly, I was right because it's already been in the high 30s during the night in Denver and it's only October.

Fall is a season that most people say is there favorite. I used to be one of those people that hated it because my allergies would act up horribly. Now being allergy free (knock on wood), I'm actually taking all that Fall has to offer. I hope you have a great Fall season my fellow readers and enjoy the new Fall content for this week. Make sure to subscribe because after this week, I will posting weekly from now on with multiple blogs.

Happy Fall!


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