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My 2019 Goals

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

2018 came and went pretty quickly for me. I wasn't prepared for what my 2019 goals were or what my New Year's resolutions would be. Before deciding those, I did some research if people actually achieve their New Year's resolution. According to the Business Insider, "80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February." Well that's a positive start to the year! I've had many resolutions when the New Year starts and have I really stuck with them... not really.

For 2019, I sat down on the couch with just a pen and journal. I wanted to let my thoughts fly about what I wanted to accomplish this year. Whether it was body/ health, writing, or overall life goals. After an hour of contemplating and thinking, I came up with my resolutions and goals for 2019. Now, I'm ready to share with all of you.


Health Goal and Resolution:

Since moving Denver, I've been lacking in the health department. I'm at the heaviest weight I've ever been in my life and obviously I'm not overall happy about it. I've gone through this before, but my resolution this time it needs to be incorporated into my lifestyle and not just for a year. I want to lose weight and eat healthier for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, there will be cheating here and there because life happens. I've already started cutting out gluten out of my diet. Next step is getting my butt back in the gym like I used to do in college- where I lost 12 pounds. I know it's easier said than done, but I know I can't make anymore excuses.

Writing Resolution:

I've always loved writing and lately I feel like I've been slacking in that department. I think my writing could be 10x better and what better way to improve than by writing more. My writing resolution is to journal more as well as get back to blogging like I did in 2017 and beginning of 2018. Sometimes I feel like I blab for way to long and I'm really trying to work on this.

Lifestyle Resolution:

This I think will be one of my hardest resolutions. I'm truly making 2019 the year of me. I'm putting myself first, which I haven't really done before. I always think about how others feel and I don't consider what I truly need in the end. I've decided I need to change that to an extent. I want to focus on my health and not care about what other's think. I need to stick up for myself when needed. It's time for me to think of me and to stop making excuses.  

2019 should be an interesting year and I'm excited to see where it will lead. I have big dreams and I'm hoping to achieve them! It only takes me to make these things happen.... no pressure or anything.


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