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My Fall Fashion Essentials

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Finally we are no longer sitting in 90+ degree weather! The leaves are changing color, the night air is crisp and pumpkins are ready to be carved. Now that cooler weather is here, it's time to spice up the wardrobe. Fall is all about the boots and sweaters, but other key fashion pieces are great to wear for the season.

Animal Print: The new style this fall is animal print. Though the Cheetah Girls started this trend back in 2003, it's finally taken a hit for 2019. I honestly love this new trend and I wasn't even prepared for it. I own nothing animal print- well until now. During the Northstrum sale this summer, I was clued in on this new trend. I treated myself to a pair of leopard print boots that were on sale for 70% off. Can you say BEAUTIFUL! I'm over the moon to be wearing these boots. Not only can I wear these with jeans and a cute sweater, but these boots can turn over a simple black dress into a fashion statement. Now you don't need boots to follow this trend. Check out some sweaters, coats and even scarfs. I believe to always pick one thing to wear that is your "WOW" factor.

Brown or Black Flat Hat: Nothing says more of a statement than a hat. When wearing Fall hats, you want to make sure the hat looks good with any outfits. That's why I always mention looking for either a black or brown hat. The hat I'm obsessed with is from Goorin Brothers, which is based from Colorado. Nothing says Fall more with some added feathers or even bow/belt wrapping around the hat.

Burgundy or Printed Purses: Some of my favorite purses either have some type of print or texture to them. I normally have a purse that I use to go out with and then an every day purse. I also like my purses to normally be darker so it goes with whatever I'm wearing in the evening. Some of my favorite brands that show this texture are Brahmin, Spartina and Tori Burch. The goal is to get them before Fall because you can find sales. Once you are done with them for fall, just make sure to stow them away properly so they can last several years of use.

Long Necklaces: When it comes to jewelry, I do like layering my jewelry depending if they all work together. One piece of jewelry that looks pretty good with most of my all attire are long, dangle necklaces. They look great with simple dress or tops. It's a great way if you are looking to get some type of pop to your outfit without overdoing it. Some of my favorite places to shop for long necklaces are Kendra Scott, Francesca's, and the Lauren Conrad section at Kohl's.

Dark Lipstick: Who doesn't love wearing a dark lip? Though intimidating at first glance, nothing says fall more than the lipstick you wear. Normally you aren't seeing girls wearing black or purples in the spring and summer. Those colors are meant for Fall and Winter, I'm a fan of the purple color and my favorite is from Kylie Cosmetics, but apparently they no longer sell it. Other companies that make similar colors are MAC, NYX, and Morphe.

I hope you already have a few things from my list in your closet/vanity. Some of things on this list haven't changed because they seem to always be relevant every year. Happy Fall Everyone and I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather that is knocking outside your door.


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