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The "HIIT" Workout

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Here is my new secret to help with losing weight and tone up. After 3 months of doing this type of workout, I'm wearing dresses that I couldn't fit into a year ago. The newest trend in the game of working out, the "HIIT" workout. Honestly, this workout is the best workout I've ever done and wish I would of known about it sooner. If you haven't heard about the hit workout, it's when you are moving nonstop for 15-20 mins with a mixture of cardio and weights. It's not just a shorter workout, but it's said that you're burning calories for up to 40 hours.

My Hit Workout:

Warm Up: I start off on the elliptical to get my body warm. While I'm on the elliptical for 5-10 minutes, I'm focusing on my heart rate and raising it between 130-140.

1st round:

- 3 sets of squats with a weight ball, start with 20 and lower by 5 each round

- Break for 30 seconds

- 3 sets of bur-pees (I try to do these once a week in my workout because I hate bur-pees)

- Break for 30 seconds

- 3 sets of lunges across the gym floor with weight in both hands

- Jumping jacks for 1 minute 3 sets

After each round, I get back on the elliptical for about 3-5 minutes.

2nd round:

- 3 sets of triceps curls on a machine, increasing the weight after each set

- Break for 30 seconds

- 3 sets of back workout on a machine, slightly increasing weight after each set

-Break for 30 seconds

- 3 sets of bicep curls on machine, increasing the weight after each set

Then back to the elliptical for about 3 minutes

3rd round:

- 5 minutes of any abs workout

This schedule is just one of my rotations when I'm doing this workout. I try to change up a couple of the workouts in each round so I'm working out different muscles in my body. Think you can handle the hit workout?

Start with watching this video for your first hit workout to see if this workout is right for you! This workout includes weight and incorporates a great introduction to the workout.


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