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Tis the Season for Ghost Stories

This week is Friday the 13th and tis the season for tricks and treats. Growing up, my parents favorite holiday was Halloween. I remember we would deck our house out with a smog machine, scary music and a galore of Halloween decoration in the yard to make our house truly a haunted house. Not only did my parents celebrate the day of trick and treats, but whenever we went to a historical location we always went on a haunted ghost tour. As many people know I hate anything scary, but that didn't stop my parents from taking me out of my comfort zone and taking in the other side of history. So here it is folks. I have some ghost stories for you and some of them happened to me while in these historical locations. Get ready for spooky and indulgent stories that I will never forgot. Pour yourself some apple cider (maybe some wine for the 21+ readers) and enjoy the ghost stories from Savannah, Georgia and Williamsburg, Virginia.

Savannah, Georgia

My first ghost tour was in Savannah, Georgia when I was about 7 or 8-years-old. I remember not looking forward to this tour at all. The tour consisted of a group of people sitting on this carriage ride and listening to the driver discuss famous buildings that apparently had ghosts that wanted their stories told.

The first story ghost story consisted of a future bride that got her heart broken. She lived in a house that is now a hotel in Savannah, Georgie. She fell in love with sailor and was later engaged to this man. Before they were wed, the fiancé had to travel abroad for a short time. While he was gone, the girl was sewing her wedding dress and making preparations for her big day. On the day of his return, she went the harbor in her wedding dress looking for the boat. Once she finally saw the boat, she kept jumping up and down trying to get her fiancé's attention. The sailors on the boat had no clue who she was until they were ashore. After they saw who she was, they explained to her that her fiancé fell in love with another girl abroad and married her. The girl was crushed! She ran home started ripping up her wedding dress and cried until her eyes couldn't cry anymore. They said she died from her eyes drying up and a broken heart (not sure if I believe that truthfully). Apparently, if you stay in her old room you can still hear her crying and she likes to mess with the guests (especially male ones) by taking their socks and a few other things.

The next ghost story we found out later when the history channel was playing Haunted History. Ironically, it was about the bed and breakfast we stayed at, The Forsyth Park Inn, which was interesting because my dad said he heard weird sounds when we stayed there. The story begins with a happy family and the main character of the story was a 14-year-old girl, who is distant relative of Winston Churchill. Her name was Lottie Churchill. She lived with her Aunt and Uncle and eventually another Aunt (the sister of her aunt) joined in while recovering from an illness. As the story is told, Lottie saw her Uncle embracing a woman, who she thought to be her Aunt, but it was the other Aunt that her Uncle was embracing. Lottie felt betrayed and keeping this secret was making her go crazy. She decided to take matters into her own hands. While her Aunts were having tea in the garden (which was where we stayed), Lottie poisoned one of the tea cups so her aunt's marriage would be saved. The adulteress Aunt died in her sister's arm from the poison immediately. At the funeral is where things changed for Lottie. Her adopted aunt told her that the woman was actually her biological mother. From there Lottie went insane from the guilt of killing her own mother and had to be taken into an insane asylum. It's said that Lottie roams the garden and cries for her guilt. She also roams down the halls, where she quickly vanishes after being seen by guests. Creepy,uh?

Williamsburg, Virginia

Being in one of the most haunted in cities in America definitely had its interesting moments. When we went to Williamsburg, I was older and wiser. This tour was by candle light and we walked along the dark paths of the streets of old town Williamsburg.

One of the first ghost stories consisted of two little boys that roam the streets the night of Williamsburg at night. They said before the tour people have seen while walking on this ghost tour. As I was talking to my friend, Claire, about these two little boys that roam around the street without adult ghost supervision, I looked over to my side after I heard a sound. A gate immediately opened by itself. I remember my exact words that I said, "Great, a gate just opened by itself," and my mom started laughing. It was very ironic that the guy mentions these boys are seen on tours and a gate just opens by itself. I don't remember there being wind pushing the gate forward, but at that point I wasn't questioning anything. In my mind, it was the boys and decided to keep walking.

The next story deals with the one of most haunted house in America. Earlier that day, we went into a house called the Randolph House. The tour required a guide and we had to move slowly from each room. I was doing great even though it was hot outside. There was AC in the buildings, so why wouldn't I be ok. I was doing fine on the main floor part of the tour and then we started making our way upstairs. As I was walking upstairs, I started feeling claustrophobic (which I never feel) and felt sweaty. When we stopped in the middle of the top floor, I whispered to my mom that I wasn't feeling well. After finishing the tour upstairs, my parents decided that we leave house so I could get some water. Immediately after I left the house I felt better. Apparently abnormal sickness is a sign of potential spirits in the facility. Later that evening on the ghost tour, we found out that the Randolph house is one of the most haunted houses in America, specifically one room. They said that people that stay the night in that room die unexpectedly. People that stayed in that room said they would wake up in the middle of the night and would find an old woman standing over them. She would clench her hands together and whisper "Get out!" Crazy stories of the ghost hunters snooping around the house, which that story is definitely worth reading. Just a hint, multiple alarms go off, security was on the premise with no sign of breaking an entry. In the house, the room is actually blocked off from entering, but you can still see inside of the room. My friend Claire asked my mom if we went into that room. She was just freaked out as I was especially since I felt sick in that house.

I hope you enjoyed my spooky ghost stories. It's freaky to think that somebody could be watching us from the other side through their own ways. Keeps your eyes peeled this October because the ghosts will come out when you least expect it.


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