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Fall Hard For Indoor Workouts

Fall is the last season of the year the allows you to still workout outside in the fresh air before the snowfall in December. When it comes to working out in the Fall, the weather can always be unpredictable. Whether your indoors or outdoors during this season, try to be active. One small action can make a huge impact during your day. Since it's been a little chiller in Colorado, I decided to give you a list of indoor workout that can be very beneficial on the body. Some workouts you can do at home or at a gym. Go where you feel comfortable and KILL IT!

The first workout I suggest doing is some yoga. It stretches you out completely and really relaxes the body from the tension gained throughout the day. When it comes to yoga, I would do either 30 minutes to an hour. Not only does it help with stress, but it does increase the flexibility. When it comes to yoga start off light and then work your way up to the higher level poses. If you are looking for an intense version of yoga, I would try hot yoga. I did hot yoga beginning of college and I have never sweat so hard in my life. With all the sweat you produce, at the end of the workout you feel like toxins have left your body. The best part is at the end of yoga session. You lay on the mat, close your eyes and breathe. 10 minutes of cool down to stretch the muscles you worked. It truly is a beautiful workout.

Since I was a dancer in high school, I always enjoyed a workout that was similar to a dance practice. I just recently tried this workout called LaBlast created by a professional dancer. He is very fun and energetic. He mixes up different styles of dances and makes into a 30 minute dance session. The dances aren't hard, but it does put you out of breathe. I would suggest, (like any workout), drink plenty of water. Another similar version to a dance like workout is zumba. Both Zumba and LaBlast (or any dance workout) are easy to do in the living room. Just makes sure you have enough room to get your groove on. Here is a little intro video to LaBlast.

If you are looking for intense workout indoors, I like to focus on a little bit of cardio driven workouts. When it comes to cardio workouts, it's all about getting the heart rate up and using weights to really put more tension on your body. All you need for those indoor cardio workouts is a mat, weights and open space to get a few lunges in or jumping jacks. There are videos to watch on Youtube easily. Just make sure to find the right intensity level for you. Also, I would suggest wearing gym shoes too when doing these workouts indoors because you will slip.

Those these are only 3 indoor workouts to try out they are definitely a great start to creating a program that works for you. Maybe switch up the days. Yoga on Sunday, cardio on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and dancing workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. Again, these workout styles might not be your favorite, but hey why not give it try. Kill these workouts and enjoy bringing the outdoor workouts to indoor.


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