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My #1 Exciting Moment: Seeing Kings Landing

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

I'm going to start off this blog post by saying, THE WALL WAS STILL THERE (for the GOT fans reading this). Dubrovnik, Croatia, is an ocean city like no other. With water as transparent as the sky on a clear day, I could understand why Game Of Thrones filmed there.

On the flight coming into Dubrovnik, all you can see is the ocean and the mountain tops that lie on its paradise. Since we got in late, we went straight to dinner near our Airbnb. We found this amazing place right on a pier where I got a ahi tuna steak that was the size of my head. It was probably the best tuna I've had and so fresh. As we ventured back home, we noticed that Dubrovnik is the home of many stray cats. Everywhere we turned there was big, beady eyes staring at us.

Our first full day in Dubrovnik held an adventure to say the least. Our first stop was kayaking in the ocean. Though it was cloudy with some raindrops, seeing the city from that view was breath taking. On the edge of Dubrovnik is an island that used to belong to the monks. GOT did film some scenes there and now the island is home to the Peacocks and over 1,000 (or so) different types of trees. While on our kayaking adventure, our tour guide was extremely knowledgable in Dubrovnik history and all things GOT. Did I mention he looked like the Winter Soldier from Avengers? Also, he took advantage of my fear of sharks whenever necessary. "Don't make me flip this kayak over," is how he would shut me up.

We took a pit stop in an open cave where we could go snorkeling and eat some lunch. Normally I would love snorkel, but the water was freezing. The people that did though were chattery their teeth until the sun finally came out. With rain continuing we decided to make our way back to the Airbnb and change into dry clothes. Our next stop for dinner was pizza. You might be thinking, why would you have pizza in Croatia and not wait until Italy? Well, we were told by the locals that their pizza was the best. So of course we put it to the test (like the rhyming there?). After two extra large pizzas split between 7 people, I can easily say we were all satisfied.

The 2nd day had the sun shining bright, which meant more exploring in Kings Landing (aka the city of Dubrovnik). We decided to not follow a map around the city because with our luck of just walking around we found amazing places. As we explored the walls and pathways, we found a random doorway, which lead to a cliff side bar. We sat and just took in the ocean view in front of us while enjoying the local beer. On another note, my friend did get engaged while on the cliff! Exciting right? As we continued on your journey through Croatia, we somehow made our way to a beach. Now when I say beach, there is no sand. The beaches in Croatia are all rock. The view at sunset with the waves coming into the shoreline during high tide was relaxing. We sat there for a good 30 minutes taking in the sunset and sitting on the lounge chairs.

Croatia was a beautiful place that I would definitely go back to. I would just love to travel all around the country and see all the different cities. It was definitely a vacation destination to say the least. Also, if you're a GOT fan there are tours, but you don't really need a designated tour to see everything. Until next time Croatia. 


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