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Packing for a 2 Week Adventure

I'm just a few days away until my 2 week adventure into Europe. Into the great lands of wine, art and history. I would say I'm a pro when it comes to the tropical vacation because I can just check in a bag and find an all inclusive resort. Well this time is different. I'm flying off with a group of 7 people and touring Budapest, Dubrovnik (Croatia, if you didn't know where that was) and three gorgeous cities in Italy, while using just a carry-on bag. Wish me luck!

As I've started packing and talking to my friends, who have traveled to Europe like this multiple times, I wanted to give some helpful tips when packing for your adventure to Europe.


Mini Bags Are Key

You could say that Christmas this year with Mom and Dad had a travel theme. With a mother who is always prepared, she got me these mini bags that I can put my clothes in to help organize my luggage. These are a LIFESAVER!!!! I folded 5 dresses into one bag, shirts, swimsuit and comfy clothes in another and still one holder left for bras and underwear. Oh.... and I still have room for two pairs of shoes and jeans. If I want to add more though I definitely can!

3 Fluid Oz Bottles

Another gift the Christmas was 3 containers that measured to exactly 2.71 fluid oz. Two of which used for shampoo and conditioner. Lucky enough, our Airbnbs have a washer and dryer, so I did fill my last container with detergent because I know I won't find travel size detergent anywhere.

Non OverSized Backpack Works

For my toilettree/make-up, I've decided to put it in a backpack that I can put under my seat on the flight. That way it's easy for me to get any medication I might need throughout the trip and definitely will need to brush my teeth after a long flight. Also, it give me the perfect amount of space for quick snacks throughout the flight as well as gives me room for a charger and side purse- if I need to throw it in there to show I only have one bag underneath my seat.

Order Currency Before Leaving

I didn't even know this was a thing, but banks now offer delivery when exchanging money before your trip. The exchange rate is cheaper when ordering online and the website does the math for you. All I had to do was decide on how much I wanted to take for each country and then pick the delivery date. So simple and easy! Now, I don't have to deal with exchanging money when I arrive.

Wear Whatever Chunky Clothes You Want to Bring On Your Flight

When I decided on what luggage I wanted to use, I prioritized what I needed to bring. Of course I wanted to bring a jacket and a sweatshirt, but then I thought I don't have room in my tiny carry-on to hold all that bulky items. In the end, I decided I will be wearing my heavy items on the flight because rumor has it some airlines weigh your carry-on. It can only be 22 pounds!


I'm so excited to be going on this adventure! I'm really going outside of my comfort zone because I've never done something like this before. Yes, I've been to Europe, but this time I'm not going with Mom and Dad. Nope, I will be going to friends who are wanting to see the sites and experience all the different cultures. Look out for 3 blog posts when I get back (or after the jet lag has passed). Cioa Bella!


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