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Nightly Workout Routine

Whether it's a hectic day or a lazy day, there's always 20 minutes to spare for a quick workout. The first step is getting motivated to actually get up and move. It's one easy step to feel good before going to bed. I started doing this nightly routine during my weight lose challenge and found it to be great way to clear my head after a long day of classes and work.

For this workout routine, you have to do each workout three times to actually feel you are getting somewhere. Let's get motivated!

1. Squats: Squats are a great workout for the booty and the legs. Try to do at least 30 during each set. Your legs will definitely feel the burn by the second set. If you are feeling more adventurous, grab a weight to build up some arm muscle or maybe add a jump every time you come up. Make sure you keep your butt down and try to get as low as you can.

2. Russian Abs: Probably the best ab workout, in my opinion. It really works the side of your abs, where the love handles are located. Again, you can add a weight to this workout and make sure your feet are off the ground. Also, squeeze your ab muscles to ensure that your actually building muscle. Do 75-100 of these in each set.

3. Wall Sits: Sort of breather, but still a good workout that works the abs, legs and butt. When doing wall sits, make sure your back is completely against a wall and your shoulders are up. This actually helps with working on your posture. Also, have your knees sitting in a 90 degree angle and squeeze your stomach. Hold the wall sit for about one minute, but if you can go longer GO FOR IT!

4. Weight Twist with a Lunge: My problem area has always been my love handles. They are the always the first thing that shows up on your body and the last ones to leave. I combined the lunge workout with a twist. I hold a 10-pound weight and every time I go down, I twist to one side. It not only works the abs, but you also get the legs moving as well. Do at least 20 lunges on both legs.

5. The Bicycle Crunch: Last, but certainly not least is the bicycle crunch workout. Lie back and make sure your shoulders are off the ground. When coming up, make sure you aren't bring your elbows towards your face. You receive more of a burn when you elbows are placed out and even. Now, the concept of the bicycle workout is easy. You bring one knee and try to get your elbow to touch the knee coming in and then switch. Do about 50 in each set.

My routine might not work for all, but it's definitely a great starting point. When coming up with my routine, I wanted to focus on the parts of my body that I want to work on everyday. From my routine, you could probably tell I like to focus on my abs and legs. If there is certain areas you feel just need some extra time, find a workout that focuses on that. Also, don't be afraid to lower the number you do in each set. Follow your own pace and build your body up to get to those higher numbers. Leave a comment down below with the types of workout you are looking for and I would love to give you some advice on which workout I think would definitely benefit.


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