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The Fall Reading List

Now that Fall is in the air, it's time to turn on the fireplace and curl up to good book on the couch. I used to love reading, but in college I had no time to pleasure read. I was constantly studying or reading textbooks. My goal this Fall is to get back to those stories and take a break from technology. Interested to finding a book to read this Fall as well, check out my list of favorites as well as books that I plan to read.

1. Any Jane Austin Book: Jane Austin was an amazing female writer. Though her books are always known to end in a marriage, her books are classics. In my library, I have three Jaune Austin books that I'm excited to read: Emma, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. Jane Austin books can be somewhat difficult to read. I mean they were written in the early 1800's. Still Jane Austin is without a doubt a beautiful writer and her books are great to sit by the fire and read.

2. Patriots Dream: For any history lovers (specifically the American Revolution), Patriots Dream is a book that keeps you on your feet. It goes back and forth between time periods in the historical city of Williamsburg. It jumps from the 1970's to the 1770's. You journey through the life of a woman in the 1970's discovering her family secrets by seeing ghosts of the past. Each chapter jumps from the different time periods. It truly takes you through a storyline that grabs you immediately. It's honestly my favorite book and could read it all over again.

3. The Harry Potter Series: If you haven't read the the Harry Potter series, you truly haven't experienced an exciting version of reading. Most people by now have read the series 10 times. Though you could go watch all the movies since it is the season and we know Free Form will be having (what it seems like) monthly Harry Potter weekend, the books are way better. They go into more detail about Harry's journey as well as Voldemort's. I wouldn't give up sitting down and actually reading these books. I remember not even putting the book down and my parents telling to go outside. Nope, I was good right where I was because each page grabbed my attention.

4. The Book Thief: I read this book a very long time ago. This is another book that I couldn't put down. It takes place during World War II and the main character's foster family is hiding a Jewish man in their house. While in this foster family, she learns to read and steals book to take home during the bombing raids. It's not only about a little girl falling in love with reading, but it's a journey of her discovering herself and how reading opens up herself and her family.

5. The Secret Garden: A book that I'm dying to read. I have heard nothing, but wonderful things about it. Once I read it, I will have more to tell you.

As I give you this reading list, I will be taking on a few these books myself obviously. I will be writing posts after I'm done with each book with my ratings and overall thoughts. Not only will this keep me in check for reading these books, but hopefully you can follow along to with your own comments. With that being said, the book I will be starting is Persuasion. Get ready fellow readers and dive into the magical world of falling in love with a story.


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