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The Best Way to Customize Your iPhone


iPhone came out with a new update this past September. With this update came widgets and true customization for the home screen. If you haven't seen the trend already, people are customizing their home screens with icons instead of using the typical app logos.

I decided to take on this trend. I won't deny that it took some time to get everything working, but check out the end result.

When I posted about my efforts, I had several messages asking how I did it. Originally, my home screen consisted of all my apps being organized based on certain categories. After revamping with widgets and icons, I only selected the main apps I'm on daily.

The biggest part of the process is coming up with a vibe for your home screen. As humans, we spent a decent amount of time on our cellphones- more than we would like to admit. Your home screen represents you and what is important to you. Maybe you're in need of a calm/beachy vibe to reduce some stress or maybe you're bright and vibrant. When selecting icons think of the vibe you're trying to go for. As you can see, mine matches my brand with the shades of pink and filtering. I decided not to change the main icons because I didn't feel the need to, but others might disagree.

My quick tips before starting your customization:

  • Find icons that you want to use/will match the vibe you're going for. Mine came from Esty and they're originally Instagram highlight story icons. Just search that and options should appear.

  • Download the apps Color Widgets and Widgetsmith.

  • Create a new homepage screen, so you have a place to work when creating new pages. You can delete the old pages once completed and it won't delete the apps.

  • Be patient. This will take time to get the screen how you want it to look.

The best way I found to learn this new setup was by video. The video below will take you through a step-by-step process of how to create your custom home screen. Happy customization! Definitely share with me your final results


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