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Think Portion Size

Losing weight is hard to do. Trust me, I understand completely! Being a Cincinnatian, our city is filled with amazing food. When I come home from school, all I can think about is the food I've been dying to eat: Skyline Chili, sushi, UDF chocolate shake. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. Problem is I gain so much weight when I come home and it isn't healthy. Coming back to Lexington, I realized that I can still eat some of the food I love, but it's all about the portion size.

I've lost about seven or so pounds because I cut down my intake of food. I still eat a healthy portion but I don't feel overly stuffed. When it came to my famous shrimp pasta dish, I always made enough for leftovers for the next day. Don't get me wrong, leftovers can be great, but sometimes it's not needed. I started cutting down on my pasta. Instead of doing a third of the box, I now do one handful with additional three or more pasta bows. I also don't use as much cream cheese, which cuts down the fat and carb intake as well. When I get a Subway sandwich, I always get a six-inch and take the top bread off and get no cheese. Simple things like that can cut down on calories big time.

Now when it comes to alcohol, I know that is very hard to give up for my 21 and up readers. It's all about watching about how much your drinking as well as the type of drink you are consuming. For me, I still drink wine, but small glasses since wine has a good amount of sugar (which I will get back to later). I completely cut beer out of my diet. Even light beers I will not drink because it's still high on calories. If you do want to drink beer, try going for light beers and again just watch the intake. My current drink right now for when I go to the bars is Vodka mixed with Sprite. It's low on calories and Sprite is better than drinking diet coke or regular coke.

Now back to sugar! People can only intake so much sugar in a day. For women, it's usually 100 calories and for men it's 150 calories. Try to count how much sugar you are intaking each day. It's right on the label on how much sugar is in it. Balance out your meals that you know you are going to eat that day, so you have some idea throughout the day.

It's ok to splurge some nights cause you need still need to live life. Have pizza or eat a bunch of ice cream while watching Grey's Anatomy. Go have a great night out with friends after a long week of classes. That's what the weekend is for. As long as portion yourself during the week, the weekend is the time to play and not worry about calories as much.

Just remember that you can still eat the foods you love, but think of them on a smaller plate than a platter.


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