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Veggie Soup, The Mom Way

As you read from my previous blog post, I had my first snowfall in Denver. Though the snow lasted only a few hours and only stuck around for a night. Only thing that mattered to me that day was some vegetable soup. My mom would making an amazing vegetable soup when I was a kid. I would crave it every time in the Fall and Winter. When I went to Safeway, I thought Campbell's Beef Vegetable soup would be worthy. Man was I wrong. It was nasty and threw it away after one bite. I texted my mom right after asking her for the recipe to make the famous soup. I thought since she shared it with me, I can share it with you.

Ingredients you will need:

- 4 cups of water

- Beef vegetable soup from Soup Starters (Mrs. Grass)

- London broil meat

1. Cut up the beef and cook over the stove

2. Once finished cooking the meat, pour four cups of water into the pot

3. After the water is poured in, add the Soup Starter Beef Vegetable soup into the pot

4. Let it cook/mix for about an hour on a low simmer

It doesn't hurt to add a roll on the side to add to your meal. Enjoy the warm vegetable soup this Fall season. Might take slightly over an hour, but I promise it's well worth it.


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