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Welcome to Denver, Colorado

Hello my fellow readers! Over the past month my life has gone through a world wind of changes. After graduation, I was lucky to find a job in Denver, Colorado. That's right, I'm no longer living in the Bluegrass State or in the Buckeye Nation. I always said when I graduated I didn't want to come back to Cincinnati (immediately) nor did I want to stay in Kentucky. I'm only 21-years-old (22 in July), why not travel to different places with nothing holding me back. I arrived in Denver last week with many different ideas or expectations. Here is my run down after one week of being in the Mile-High City.

First off, it's true what they say with staying hydrated constantly. I always thought I was pretty good about always staying hydrated througout the day. Sadly, that was false. During my first week I got to experience different cities and sights of Colorado. I got to live in Golden area for a week, which is absolutely beautiful. Followed by the city that became famous by the Chainsmokers... you guessed it... Boulder. It was a cute little town filled with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Also, I can't forget to mention Mexican food is the number one food to eat in Colorado. I know this might be shocking, but Colorado has so many Mexican restaurants. Every where I turn there's at least one around the corner.

Another aspect that I've taken from Colorado is how beautiful mother nature truly is. So far I've got to go on a few hiking trails. The mountains are jaw dropping. I even have a view of the mountains from my office cubicle and every day I'm taken back by the glorious sight of them. Now this is just a short snippet of my journey in Denver. My goal is to record my journey for you to experience. Towards the end of July, I will post a film of my hikes and the Colorado lifestyle. For now, I still have more things to experience in this wonderful city.


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