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Function Beauty- Of Sydney

When you have thick hair that holds onto everything (hair product, chlorine and etc) shampoo and conditioner are difficult to find. Especially shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair feel soft and less oily. By the luck of paid social, I was targeted by this company called Function of Beauty. I was hesitant to try this site and was thinking could they really solve my problems when it comes to my hair. With my type of of hair, I need specific ingredients to help it: color protection and reducing oil were my top concerns. Also, good quality shampoo and conditioner can be expensive to help those concerns. I decided to do some research on this company before officially paying for this custom product.

Based in Soho, New York, majority of the reviews spoke so highly about the service and the product. People said that their hair was saved from the Function Beauty regime. So I went for it. The first step of the process, was take their quiz about your hair and what you are your top concerns when it comes your hair. Obviously, I have straight, course, oily hair and from there I had to choose my 5 top concerns: deep condition, color protection, oil control, volumize and length. Then from there, I got to customize my formula with color of the products and the scent (which they just added). The scents were highly impressive and I had a hard time choosing. Now when it comes to bottle size, I debated about what size to choose. For the 8 oz shampoo and conditioner, it cost $36 dollars, plus free shipping. It was a great decision on my end to choose that size because the bottles have lasted me so long. I ordered my bottles back in September and I'm almost at the bottom of the bottles.

Once everything is submitted, it does take about 3-4 weeks to get your new products, so be prepared for that. The products will come in a blue box with a pamphlet that explains what is in your customized bottles. Another thing I love about these products is it comes with pumps every time you order new bottles and you don't have to pay extra for that. Also, did I mention your name is on the bottle. Total customization!

Overall, I'm very impressed with my customized shampoo and conditioner. My hair definitely feels softer as well as has controlled my oily scalp. On my next bottle, I plan on changing a couple of my top concerns with my hair as well as change the scent. Try it out for yourself and I promise you won't be disappointed. Enjoy your Function Beauty!


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