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Update in the Skincare Regimen

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

When you move to a completely different environment, it causes major changes. In a previous blog post, I explained how I switched my skincare routine because I moved to Colorado and my current skincare products weren't keeping my skin hydrated. I switched to the skincare line called Sanitas after getting a facia. A company based in Colorado, Sanitas helped my skin stay refreshed while living in Denver. It truly was a savior.

Well now that I'm back in humidity (and my face can't live without it ever again), my skincare regiment changed. I was actually over hydrating my face once I got back. By the middle of the day, my face became oily. I decided to take matters back to my favorite skincare brand and scheduled a consultation call to discuss my concerns. I easily booked it through its website. I went down the list of all my concerns and she created this new routine for morning and night with only a few differences between the two. Let's dive in!


The Sensitive Skin Cleanser: Originally, I thought she would suggest for me to continue using my Lemon Cleanser. Instead she suggested the Sensitive Skin Cleanser that I could use for morning and night. Though my skin isn't super sensitive, it helps with my rosacea. It's an ultra mild, protective cleanser that gently lifts away surface debris, excess oils and makeup without causing inflammation. A blend of calming ingredients, that helps enhance the skin’s resilience, prevent disruption of intolerant skin and minimize signs of chronic irritation. My skin is left less red, more even toned and softer.

Moisture Mist: My face could always use a little more moisture first thing in the morning, but I also use this at night. Just a simple 2-3 sprits of this bottle helps with setting mineral makeup or as a light skin refresher throughout the day. It also enhances the absorption and spreadability of serums and moisturizers.

Balance Moisturizer with added drops of VitaRich Serum: Originally, I was just using the Balance Moisturizer when I moved back. I noticed though, my make up was breaking through and wasn't lasting all day. After talking to the consultant, she mentioned that I picked the right moisturizer, but to add 2-3 drops of the VitaRich Serum. The moisturizer is lightweight and nourishes the skin. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps keep oil under control. Rapidly absorbs to leave skin with a flawless, matte finish. Then by adding the drops of VitaRich, it hydrates and helps accelerate skin renewal. It leaves skin firmer, smoother and brighter.

Essential Eye Essence: Last, but extremely important is eye skin care. I won't be young forever and I want to take protection now when it comes to eye circles or wrinkles. A hydrating and nourishing eye concentrate that provides long lasting moisture and firmness to the delicate eye area. it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.


Brightening Peel Pads: This product is used by many influencers in the beauty industries. James Charles just to name one and was reviewed highly by many magazines. I use these Peel Pads as a toner, but only use them 2-3 times a week. I use one pad after cleansing my face. It's a professional strength, corrective treatment that utilizes a triple acid blend to brighten, tone and reveal clear, radiant skin. It truly helps prevent my acne during the rough times.

Vita K: With my rosacea, I found another way to deal with it that doesn't cost a fortune. I could get laser treatment for it, but that's $350 dollars a session. Who want to pay for that? I use the Vita K cream after using the pads (or right after cleanser if I don't use the pad). That way it soaks into my skin before the I spray the moisture spray and moisturize. It's topical elixir that helps reduce facial redness and improve the look of dark circles under the eyes. 

Sometimes people will change their skincare routine because their face is getting used to the products. I can tell you, that even when I was on the other skincare plan, I didn't have to change it ones. Sanitas created a purpose to be the one and only skincare line you will need. Most people don't know about the company, but I think that needs to change. I just walked into a local business that sold Sanitas back in Cincinnati and the owner was shocked that I knew what Sanitas was. She said customers will call to ask what skincare line they use for their facial services. They don't know it and then miss out on trying it cause they focus on the super expensive lines that are $100 for a just a moisturizer. If I've convinced you already to try it out for yourself, schedule a consult through the website link above. I promise you won't be sorry.


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