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Growing Locks the Healthy Way

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

We've all done it. We go through this period where we decide to cut our hair shorter and then we immediately regret it. I've done this about twice. I was thinking change would be good and never seemed to learn from the first mistake. Before I graduated college, I decided to cut it a little bit shorter closer to my shoulders. I immediately regretted it because when I curled it I didn't like the curls, so I stopped curling it for awhile. I was on a mission to grow my hair back.

My hair is naturally thick so growing out my hair was never an issue, but I'm a very impatient person. I was looking up ways to grow it out. I found masks, other shampoos and conditioners. I WASN'T going to use horse shampoo like the Internet was suggesting. Out of all the research that I've done, here are the ways that I found to help grow out beautiful, healthy hair.

1. Whenever you get a haircut, obviously don't get inches cute off. I always tell my hairdresser to cut off the dead ends and just make it healthy again. With my hair, I have a lot of bulk in the top crown of my hair. My hairdresser will cut some out of it so my head/hair feels lighter. Sometimes it's not the length that needs the cut, it's the volume.

2. Find shampoo and conditioner that follows your needs. With me having colored hair, I have to watch what I use because certain shampoos and conditioners makes the color fade faster. That's why I use Function Beauty, which is personalized haircare based in Soho, New York. You pick your top 5 concerns and they blend a natural concoction that rejuvenates as keeps the hair strong for your hair type.

3. At least have one deep conditioner and use it once every 2 weeks or so. My hair holds on to everything and it sometimes can't wait till my next haircut. Find a deep conditioner that gets everything out and gets the hair back to it's natural softness/glow.

4. Don't wash your hair everyday. I know some girls can either go multiple days of not washing or they have to wash every day. I try to do every other day, because my hair gets greasy and dry shampoo can't control. The oils aren't a bad thing, but again if it becomes greasy definitely wash your hair.

5. If you use a lot of heat on your hair, like curling irons, flat irons or even blow dryers. Take a break from them. I will dry my hair for like 2 mins and then the rest is air dry. I just let the dryer dry the dripping ends and the rest coming from the natural air. It makes your hair stronger and healthier.

The pictures below show at least a year difference. A couple weeks before graduation, I decided to cut my hair to my shoulders. On the right side, is a picture taken at the salon after just a color appointment back in June. You can really see a difference with how healthy my hair is and how much it grew.

Try out my tips for myself and make sure to comment below with the difference you saw.


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