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How Sanitas Skincare Saved My Skin

Denver is known for not having any humidity, which means your hair is always flawless and your never really have to worry about sweating. When I first arrived in Denver, my skin was loving the no humidity. I wasn't breaking out and my oily skin was under control. After two months of living here though, my skin started taking a turn for the worst.

Originally, the products I had for my skin was meant to help decrease the appearance of oil on my face. I thought I would be fine still using it and I could finish it up. Towards the end of the bottles, I needed to figure out what I should try next since those bottles were a little difficult to get. While looking in the Target's skincare aisle, I saw Aveeno Sensitive Skin. Jennifer Aniston uses it, so I thought that maybe this could work for me. Sadly, I was way off on my thoughts. My face started getting 10 times worse than I've seen it in years. My face was drying out. I was breaking out, which would make my face even redder. I didn't know what to do at that point but hide my face under a hat.

For my 22nd birthday, my cousin got me a facial. I booked it for after the move, so I could actually relax after a hectic move and a week of work. I got in there with my hat covering my face, so the facialist didn't see what my face looked like until I got on her table. "You have the saddest face I've ever see," the facialist said after taking a look under the light at my face. At that point my face was dry and peeling. She gave me a hydration facial and the after results had my skin glowing. I asked her what did she use on my face because my face hadn't felt like this in a long time. She told me it was Sanitas and it's a product not well known, but she was obsessed with it. Of course before even purchasing from her I did the research about this brand as well as the pricing. The pricing was cheaper than the typical products sold at spas. Just a simple cleanser and moisturizer was all I needed.

Here is the picture of being on these products for over a week.

You can see I have no more pimples on my face and my face is softer. It feels completely rejuvenated. Who knew just a simple cleanser and moisturizer would save my face. The cleanser I used was a lemon cleanser, which gets out the extra oil and makeup while keeping the skin dry free. Then the moisturizer has Topical C in it which helps with severe dry skin. it hydrates and firms the skin. Like I said before, my skin has never felt better. The best part about these products is that they are affordable and last awhile. Interested for more information about Sanitas Skincare line, make sure to check out their website. They have products for different skin types and really focus on the bigger issue when it comes to skin care.


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