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How to Create a Spring Glow

As I've been exploring Instagram and Pinterest for photoshoot inspiration, I was noticing a trend in make up that I actually LOVED! Its just foundation make up that gives you a soft, healthy, moisturized, glow. I've started wearing this look towards the end of winter because it doesn't make my face look dry. Also, my make up lasts all day instead of when I used powder. I noticed that my redness was breaking through my powder instead of concealing it. The only type of make up needed for this look is cream foundation and from there it's simple. Let's get to it.

Here is the make up I used to make this look possible:

- MAC Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer (a little lighter than my usual tone)

- 2 sponges (or 3 if you don't have a foundation brush)

- The biggest rule in this look is NO THICK MATTE MAKE UP


Step 1: If you don't use cream or liquid foundation before putting on powder, I highly recommend that you start. It helps with covering redness and marks. I well put a dab of the Clinique foundation on the top of my hand and then take my foundation brush through it. From there, I make circle motions around my face, especially in my red spots, near the ears and in my jaw line. You really use this foundation all over the face. It usually at the most takes two dabs of the foundation on the hand for complete coverage. Also, the Clinique foundation has SPF 15, which is always nice to have on to protect your face.

Step 2: Take the concealer to lighten these certain spots on your face. The concealer should be lighter than your regular foundation color. You will add it underneath your eye, in-between eyebrows going up into the lower part of your forehead, and chin. To blend it out, use a sponge and dab around the face to work it into the skin.

Step 3: Now time to get that glow look by using the bronze foundation stick. Just like how you would contour your face with powder, it's the same thing. Pinch your face to see the line on your cheek bones and lightly make a stroke within that line. Then make a long line lightly on the top of the forehead as well as in the jaw line. You can either use a brush or sponge to blend it, but blend up on the face to make it look natural.

Follow this mapping for concealer and bronzer

4. Once all is blended, you can easily walk out the door with just that or you can add eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrows and eyeliner. Do the normal steps you would follow for the rest of your make up since the foundation is key to get that glowing look.

I hope you enjoyed this little explanation of how to get that dewy spring look. I know my face has completely transformed and actually lasts me the entire day now. No more redness is seeping through and my face no longer looks dry. Just all GLOW!


Want a video tutorial on how to get the look? Check out the video below of Adrienne Bailon (yes from the Cheetah Girls) doing the glow look. She goes into depth on not just the contour, but shows you how to get an editorial look for your eyebrows.


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