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LipSense Magic

This past birthday, my sorority little surprised me with a birthday present of LipSense lipstick. She just recently started selling its products and lucky for me I have the connection to try it for myself. If you haven't heard about LipSense, it's lipstick that suppose to not rub off and lasts all day. When Fall and Winter time hit, I'm known to wear many shades of lipstick. I extremely love red and darker colors. Whenever I would eat or drink, my lipstick would be gone within an hour and I would keep reapplying. Just recently I had a photo shoot for my website and thought I should give my birthday present a try and see if it would truly last the entire photo shoot.

The photoshoot began at the bottom of the mountain. I did my makeup an hour before the shoot started. It might look like there is a nice cool breeze hitting my face, but that would be false information. It actually was around 95 degrees that day and I was sweating. With wearing a long sleeve dress and boots with direct sunlight hitting my face made for an interesting day. Before we started shooting I had multiple sips of water. Every time I looked at the rim of the bottle there wasn't any hint of color. I swear it was magic!

Now to the fence, I have scratched my face and definitely had a moment of having my hands on my lips. For a moment, I thought "O no! I probably have lipstick all over me!" Then looking down at my hands and there was nothing no sign of it on me. I even checked to see if I needed to touch up before continuing on with the shoot and my lips looked the same when I put it on that morning.

As we head towards the end of the photoshoot, I continued to be surprised with how my lipstick managed to stay on. The photoshoot lasted an hour and I didn't have to reapply. I drank a whole bottle of water and nothing affected it. I immediately told my little that I needed more of these. You would think with having been a past dancer I would know the tricks to help keep lipstick on my face for a long period of time. Well, LipSense basically made my lip care easier to handle. Forget about packing the lipstick to reapply during a night out. Just 3 coats plus the clear gloss on top makes it stay on. I even took a shower and I still couldn't get it off. For more information about LipSense, please comment below and I can direct you to my little, Devan for you to try it out yourself. The color I had on was Mulled Wine (how ironic). Watch the video below on how to apply it.


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