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My Imperfect Rosacea

Rosacea is skin condition that causes redness and often small, red bumps on the face. Some have it worse than others and since moving out to Colorado, where the sun is bright and more intense, I noticed my redness taking over my entire face. Back in Cincinnati and Kentucky I could easily conceal my rosacea through makeup by just using some cover up. I noticed just from driving to work my redness was breaking through my make up with dry skin and little small pumps appearing. I have never seen my rosacea act this way. By the end of the work day, my redness was completely noticeable as well as the bump (or pimples I thought) growing. Problem was I wasn't wearing sunscreen on my face. With having oily skin, I would breakout when using it. It wouldn't be just small breakouts. I'm talking big ones that wouldn't go away for two weeks. From there, I thought I had no hope in fixing the biggest imperfection with my skin.

I'm only 22-years-old and I have always been told I wouldn't have to worry about my rosacea getting worse until I got older. Well, Colorado made my journey move quicker than I anticipated. I never used the products that physically help with rosacea because they are super expensive. At least make it affordable when 16 million people in America suffer from rosacea. I completely had to change my entire skin regime due to this imperfection.

I went to my dermatologist and she gave me a few trial of products. One of the products was two different types of creams that are meant help with the spots that would appear in the redness. For the most part it seemed to be working, but the biggest price tag is the sunscreen she gave me. I have never seen sunscreen so expensive in my life. It's called All Calm with 50 SPF.... price tag equals $120. I was immediately turned off even though it's a sunscreen meant for rosacea. Again, 16 million people deal with this problem and it doesn't make sense to make something expensive that suppose to help save your skin.

In the end of all the craziness of finding the right products to protect my face, I think I have found an amazing regime against my rosacea that is cost efficient as well as a sunscreen that doesn't break out my face! For any rosacea readers out there, here is my skin regime for rosacea.


1. I use a lemon cleanser to wash my face

2. After washing off the cleanser with warm water, I then have therapeutic cleanser pads to help with breakouts and even redness. Who knew just a simple cleanser pad can help with redness and close up my pores.

3. After I rubbed the cleansing pad on my face, I then moisturize my face with Topical C that I discussed in the Sanitas blog post.

4. Last, but certainly not least is sunscreen. Probably the most important thing I put on my face. I use Solar Block SPF 20 and it lasts all day and I don't break out from it.


1. At night, I started off the same way as I do in the morning. I use my lemon cleanser, but use a brush to go deeper into my pores since I wear make-up all day

2. Once the cleanser is washed off my face, I use Vita K, which continues to help with redness.

3. Then I end the regime, with the Topical C moisturizer

It all depends on you when it comes to handling your rosacea. You can either try what the dermatologist recommends or you can do research to find the best regime to follow. It just happened that I found products that aren't expensive and easy to find where I live. Also, I would recommend doing research on the products the doctors give you as well. You get a better pricing idea before falling in love with the product. Just know there is a kind of beauty in imperfections and you are beautiful no matter what the imperfection is.


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