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Rihanna: Creator of Fenty Beauty & Branding Queen

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Everyone has heard the name Fenty. Whether it's the lingerie brand or the make up brand, both are owned by the Branding Queen, Rihanna. When it comes to make up, I always love to experiment different things. I was on a mission to change the brand of make up I used because the brands I used for foundation made me feel pale. I know I'm not the darkest shade in the bunch, but the brand I was using only had one shade for me- the lightest. From there, I started doing research and that's how I decided to become a Fenty user.

Rihanna was born and raised in the Barbados. She is a make up artist in her own right- after watching the videos and reading articles galore. Most people think celebrities aren't part of the process when creating their own products- fragrance, make up, clothing. Well that would be the opposite for Riri. She was on a mission to create as many shades as possible for all skin colors and have it last all day. When Fenty first launched, it released 40 shade of foundation- a major record in the beauty industry. Now, the brand not only has 50 foundation shades, but it now has 50 shades of concealer. Rihanna wanted to make everyone feel included and that no skin color was left behind. She made foundation meant for albino people to the darkest shade for African Americans. A true beauty goddess to say the least.

Now why am I calling Rihanna a "branding queen"? First off, she is going off the same brand name that she uses for her lingerie. The name is already known by itself and for the most part people know it's her brand. Also, her products follow the color and shape used on the site. One big aspect she utilizes that makes her a branding queen is her social media account for Fenty. Not only is its Youtube page filled with tutorials, but it makes you want to dive deep into the brand- a big reason how it caught my eye.


Rihanna just recently held a Beauty Talk in Dubai. Learn more about the products.

* Quick Note: on August 15th, Fenty is releasing foundation and a primer for normal and dry skin! Check it out here!


I could go on and on about the brand, but I wanted to not only show you my beauty routine when using her products, but wanted to tell you about my favorite products that I use.

Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer: I never used a primer. As I started watching Youtube to try different things with make up, I found one thing in common that these beauty gurus used. Primer! Every video they started with priming their face. I now knew why my makeup wouldn't last all day. I needed to prime my face so there is another layer before the actual foundation that makes it stick to the face. Did I also mention these bottles last a long time. It's highly worth it because my redness is no longer breaking through my makeup.

Pro Filt'r Soft Matt Longwear Foundation: I'm no longer the lightest shade in the shade box. When I was using other brands, they only have so many shades. I would get the shade like alabaster. Finally I'm no longer defined a shade name, but now a number. Out of 100-498 shade scale, I'm 185. Even more 210 in the summer time. To find my true shade, I took the Shade Finder test, on the Fenty website. Once I found my shade, it gave me other products that would look good with my foundation. When I'm wearing it, I feel so natural.

Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Setting Powder: Even though I only use really liquid base products for do my face, powder is key once done. This powder is used for baking your face as well brighten the face once the matt foundation and concealer sets. Rihanna made multiple shades based on the skin tone. I use the shade butter and it brighten my face so it's always photo ready- as you can see in my new profile shots on my site.

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter: This product might be my ultimate favorite product in the Fenty collection. This two highlighter compact is stunning on the skin, but it can used not just on the cheeks. You can use it on your eyes and nose. It's uses are endless and it always bring a shimmer to your face. Also, there are so many colors and you can get them individually. I live by this highlighter. I never used highlighter until I saw this compact and it was worth the wait.


Check out my beauty routine down below that I wear day to day.


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