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The Christmas Gift Guide For The Working Gal

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Trying to find the best gift for the working gal? Maybe it's a best friend, family member, or girlfriend. I always find it difficult to shop for some people and I always appreciate when people give me a list. Makes my job easier finding the most perfect gift.

Here is my game plan. When it comes to any present idea, I like to go around a theme of some sort. I've done the spa gift and the wine gift to name a few. It just depends on the person and what their interests are. People might say it's my secret power to know how to get the perfect gift. I'm ready to share that super power. Here is my list of a simple gifts for the working gal in your life.

1. Passport Holder: You never know when life will take you on an adventure. I received a passport holder and it turned out to be an amazing gift. Not only did I cary my passport inside of it, but it also stored by flight tickets, luggage info (if I checked a bag) and train tickets. I always knew where my passport was and never felt the stress of losing it. For the working gal, this is a go to because they like to be prepared and organized- especially when flying out of the country. Check out Fossil for some great leather passport options.

2. Satin Head Band: I've seen these headbands all over Atlanta and it's a head band that actually doesn't give you a headache. So soft to the touch, make the girl you give this to feel gorgeous. It's easy to get their hair out of their face as well as create an easy look for the office. I have bought mine at Shelvie Jean, which is a Atlanta based company. I've been so impressed with their boutique and definitely plan on shopping there more.

3. A Personalized Flask: Who doesn't need a flask? I can promise you a working gal does because they are always working hard. It's a great way to customize a simple gift that anyone could use. Most girls don't go out and buy themselves a flask. It's something simple and cute. Also it can easily be wrapped in a box. Etsy has many choices to choose from to the find the right one you're looking for.

4. Westin White Tea Aloe Body Lotion: One of my favorite lotions that I could smell all day. Once you take a whiff of the scent, all you want to do is relax. This lotion can be found on Amazon and it the best lotion I'v ever used. It makes the user feel like that they are in a spa and once used your skin feels rejuvenated, especially during the winter.

5. A Desk Calendar: Though most people might use Outlook to organize their calendar, but the working gal does normally like to write things down too. This way they can also look at any personal appointment coming up or fun work events. Also, it's handy when quick notes need to be written down during a call.

6. A Campfire Coffee Mug: One of my favorite stores on Etsy called ALittle Tinsel, create gorgeous coffee mugs. Some with quotes from the show Friends and Gilmore Girls. She used to have the mugs with the Hogwarts houses on it- where I got my favorite Ravenclaw mug. She is a sweet gal, so if you were wanting a specific saying it doesn't hurt to ask!

7. Bath Bombs: Whenever I've done a spa themed present, it's always been a hit! I mean what working gal doesn't enjoy a good spa day that she can have at home on a Sunday night. Lush has excellent bath bomb packages that are normally wrapped. Just choose the scents you want. From there you can add some minor additions, like a face mask, a bottle of wine, or facial headband. Give her options to really make her nights relaxing after a long work day.

8. A Business Card Holder: Every working gal needs a business card holder. Whether she attends a cocktail hour or even just a casual night out with friends, she could make great work connections outside of the office. The Etsy store, PrettyPictureGiftsCo, has some great, customizable options and also doesn't break the bank.

9. Weezie Make Up Towels: I literally became obsessed with these towels when I saw them on the Atlanta Girl Gang gift guide. I always ruin good towel with my make up. No more! Choose a design from the 3 options given and from there your good towel are saved. Due to the navy color, it doesn't show the make up so prominent as other towels.

10. A Classic Watch: Does someone need help being on time? Yes, we live in a world with smart watches, but sometimes a classic watch looks better with an outfit. Check out the Fossil Outlet stores. It normally has great deals during the holiday season.

11. A 2020 Planner: Again, another way to keep work life organized. 2020 planners have been out for awhile, but some people don't get a new one until the 2020 year starts. Check out some great brands like Start Planner or Lilly Pulitzer, just to name a couple.

12. A Travel Wristlet: Sometimes a woman needs a break from a huge bag. They need something lighter for those night outs. A monogram (or not monogrammed) wristlet is a great gift to give someone who is on the go. It's easy to pack for different travels and it's can still fit some business cards while out.

13: A Travel Jewelry Holder: Does anyone ever get annoyed when you bring jewelry on a trip, it's either tangled together or smaller items seem to go missing? This box is a game changer when traveling. The Etsy store, NightenGaleGardens, has a great/affordable option to help organize jewelry. It's has a double decker section for necklaces and stud earrings. The bottom part is meant for rings and bracelets.

This guide is meant to help you find the perfect gift for your loved one. Christmas can be a stressful time just finding the right gift. Hopefully, this list will help relieve your stress. Happy Holidays readers!


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