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Vail for Non-Skiers

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

A roaring adventure awaited me last weekend as I headed to the mountains of a well-known city in Colorado, Vail. Right behind Aspen on the “have to ski list”, Vail is another skiing destination that most celebrities visit. Most go to Vail during the winter, but since I'm not a skier that doesn't mean I can't visit. 

Coworkers prepared me for Vail weeks in advance, telling me where to go and what to see. The only thing that could put a damper on the trip was rain. No one told me, but May equals rainy season for Colorado.

My dad flew in from Cincinnati expecting beautiful hiking weather, but all we kept seeing the weekend he was coming was rain. Driving into the mountains was easy at first, but then snow/rain started coming down on us. It went from 60s to 39 degrees outside. I knew a tunnel would be coming up eventually and I said to my dad, "wouldn't it be funny if on the other side of the tunnel it was sunny?" Right at the end of the tunnel, my joke became reality. The sun was trying to come out with no sign of rain in sight. We were finally able to see the mountains at its full glory and it was a beautiful sight to see.

When we got into Vail, our hotel was on the West side of town. The hotel was next to creek, which we could hear all night. It's was truly Mother Nature at her finest. My dad and I were only there for one night, so we had to make the best of it. First stop was Vail Village, a mecca of stores that breaks the piggy bank. The town is adorable with many sites to see: breweries, amazing food and of course clothing stores/boutiques. Some stores were closed due to the season, but we still managed to spend some money.

We even met some locals that took us under their wing to show us the true Vail Village experience. 

The next day was meant for hiking. We were prepared to drive/hike to Piney Lake. It's known to be a gorgeous view with a moose resident. Sadly, no one told us that most of Vail's hiking trails are closed until the beginning of June. As we arrived on the dirt road on the side of the mountain, we were stopped by a "Piney Lake is closed" sign. Highly disappointed and desperately wanting to hike, we found another hiking trail that lead us to Boothe's Waterfall. A gorgeous waterfall on the side of the mountain that is so breath taking because it's hard to breathe while hiking it- also just a sign from Colorado that I'm out of shape. 

For just one night, my dad and I had an amazing trip in Vail. We plan on going on back and seeing Piney Lake eventually. For any non-skiers interested in going to Vail, here are some places I suggest checking out. Just make sure you come after May so more trails and activities are open.

Mountain Standard: An amazing place to eat with a great dinner and alcohol menu. They are always booked with reservations, but eating at the bar is just as fun and you can meet more people. 

Vail Village: Obviously, a must see and go-to shopping destination. Be prepared ladies that a sales rack doesn't actually mean sale. You will still be paying over $100 dollars for a top or pants. Men on the other hand have it a little bit easier finding deals. 

Piney Lake: Even though we didn't get a chance to see it, it's still a must see. Maybe you will get to see the solo moose that lives there. If you look up pictures, you will know what I'm talking about. 

The Gondolas: Sadly, the gondolas that take you to the top of the Vail mountains weren't open till June. Definitely a view to see and worth going back for.

Boothe's Waterfall: Definitely a waterfall worth hiking for. It's a medium to expert hike, with a whole lot of incline. You can hear the water on the entire hike, which might be peaceful to hear when you need a quick break. Be prepare for wildlife. I saw a snake on the way down and screamed while running away.

While my dad on the other hand was trying to the find it. 

Vail isn't only a winter vacation destination, but it can be a fun summer destination. I definitely plan on going back so I can experience more what Vail has to offer. 


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