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5 Things to Always Have at Your Desk

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

The best part about starting a new job is getting your desk- well at least for me it was. Every desk you get when you start a new job are different, but doesn't mean the objects on the desk need to change. Showcasing your professionalism is the most aspect about your desk as well as showing your personality. Here is my list of things that should always be on or at your desk. 

1. Business card on a card holder: You never know when you might make a connection in the office professionally. Whether it's trying to impress a client or interview someone for a job, it's great protocol to have a business card handy. Since I've gotten my new Merkle business cards, I not only wanted to give them a prominent spot on my desk but also show that I mean business. Most high end execs have their business card on their desks. Prepare like you're a high exec because you never know who you will meet. 

2. A nice stationary: Whenever you need to take down quick notes or organize your thoughts, a stationary is very handy to have at your desk. My stationary consists of small sticky notes and bigger piece of paper for those quick to do lists when I'm in the office. Also, what makes a stationary so nice is that it usually comes in it's own little holder. Perfect for a clean and organized desk!

3. Headset and headphones: Depending on your job, you might be having more meetings via Skype than in person. It's always good to have a headset that your company most likely gives you. Not only should you have the headset given to you by your employer, but also have a back up pair. I use headphones from my old Iphone that I can easily plug into my computer. Also, it's a great way to listen to music and not have to deal with batteries. 

4. A calendar or planner: It's always important to be organized in the office. People rely heavily on their Outlook calendar to check their meetings or projects that need to be done. In Outlook, I've noticed sometimes my alerts won't go off for a meeting, which is why I have a planner on my desk. It not only keeps me organized for my meetings, but also helps me prioritize my objectives for the day/week. I also have all my appointments in my planner, which I then add to my work calendar in Outlook for my team. Whether it's a big, paper calendar or just a simple planner, it's a great way to show you are organized in the office. 

5. Pictures: People might argue this one, but I think having pictures on your desk is a great conversation starter. When I first started at Merkle, a co-worker next to meet had a big picture of her dog on her desk. I immediately could tell it was a Goldendoodle and I just had to talk to her about it. We bounded over the fact we both have doodles and it was a great introduction. Pictures can sometimes speak louder than words. It shows your co-workers different aspects of you that they might now know or what is important to you. 

Only have a few of these checked off or none at all? Not a problem! Check our Erin Condren for planners and calendars. Also, check out Amazon for headphone (if you need a pair) and business card holders. It's the little things that can make a difference when it comes to arranging your desk to showcase how professional you truly are. 


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