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FabFitFun Box, Why Not?

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

If you haven't heard about the FabFitFun box, I would honestly be surprised. This seasonal box has taken over everywhere I look on social media. After watching a video from the founder presenting all the items in the box, I decided to give it a try for myself. Before I could get the box (worth potentially $300 and you only pay $39.99), I took an assessment of what I was interested in. I mostly prefer different types of make-up, face masks, fitness and a pieces to put in my home. As I finished the assessment, I got to choose three items for my box, but the rest was chosen for me based on my preference. Are you ready to see what I got in my first box?


The Summer Rose Beach Towel ($55)

FabFitFun partnered with Rocky Barnes to create this beach towel made from microfibers, so the sand won't stick. I somehow lost a beach towel when I moved to Denver and pool days have arrived. This saved me from going out and getting one. It's soft to the touch and came in two designs.

tarte tarteist™ PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette ($45)

I discovered the tarte brand while shopping at Ulta beauty. I fell in love with an eyeshadow palette that could be used for night and day. When I got this in my box I was very excited because I have no clue how to contour my face. This palette is making me learn and it feels so light on my face. It looks completely natural.

FOREO Luna Fofo ($89)

This item was probably the most exciting thing that I got in my box. The FOREO Luna Fofo is new to the FOREO brand and was only available for FabFitFun subscribers. This little device is meant to cleanse your skin, but it also analyzes it. Yes, I said analyze! With two sensors on the back and a downloadable app, you can bring the ultimate skincare regime with your current products. You put the two sensors on your skin (without make-up) and it analyzes the moisture in each section of your face. From there, the app gives your skin age and creates a rhythm based off moisture when washing. OBSESSED is an understatement!

COOLA Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea Moisturizer ($32)

When summer first starts, I always burn then tan and I hate putting sunscreen on my face. COOLA is a well-known brand and its Sport SPF50 Face sunscreen also acts as a moisturizer. It has 80-minutes of water resistance made with 70% organic ingredients. This is already packed in my pool day because Colorado is known for its sunshine.

Pier 1 Imports Marble Ring Dish ($14.99)

I sometimes forget to take off certain jewelry off when I get in the shower. This tray has been helpful to remind me that certain jewelry should not be steamed in a hot shower. Beautiful and delicate, it can be used in a bathroom, bedroom or desk. It pretty much goes with any decor.

ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel ($45)

This peel mask is the most amazing mask that I've ever tried. I usually stick with an oatmeal mask because of my redness, but this actually rejuvenates my skin in the Colorado dryness. With the exfoliating papaya, nourishing milk and vitamin E, it brought my skin back to life.

Maji Sports Loop Resistance Band (15.00)

With multiple knee surgeries, the band was the go-to for physical therapy. As I've gotten older, a band can be used for multiple different types of workouts. It brings resistance and more of a challenge during the workout. I've started incorporating it more at my "at home" workouts.

Erth TU Y YO Ring (55.00)

It's always hard to find a ring that fits my tiny fingers. With my ring size being 5, most rings fall off my finger. When asked on my assessment if I liked to receive jewelry I was hesitant. FabFitFun did ask for a ring size, which made me feel more at ease. This modern 14K gold-plated ring features two naturally freshwater pearls. Stylish, right?


FabFitFun is individualized to the receiver and being a first time subscriber, I was highly impressed with what I got. The boxes keep getting better and better each season. The summer boxes might be over, but you can always prepare for the Fall boxes that will be coming in August/September. Also, FabFitFun has more than just customized boxed, it also has FabFitFun TV and great columns to read. Enjoy future subscribers!


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