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How to Find the Right Planner for You

One thing that I can't live without is my planner. Every year, I look forward to looking at some of the best planners as well as deciding on what type of planner I want. The planner industry is booming with new kinds of planners and continues to expand on different pages each year. I never used to be a planner girl if I'm going to be completely honest. In high school, the school gave us these small, high school based planners with all school holidays and school events in them. I thought they were the most unattractive planners, so I refused to use it. Another reason I refused to use planners was because I believed I could remember every homework assignment and test date. My mom is an organizer and could not understand why I wouldn't use a planner. She was right in the end though because my belief quickly changed when I went to college.

Starting off with 18 hours my first semester in college, I was in over my head with not writing anything down. That is when I followed the sorority girl cliche and got myself a Lilly Pulitzer planner. It was my first love into the planner world and I never looked back. As I continued my college years, I started looking forward to getting a new planner, especially the Lilly Pulitzer planners. When senior year hit, I decided I wanted a change and looked at different brands of planners. I didn't want to use Kate Spade because I thought the pages were too thin and I thought it was time for me to be done with the Lilly prints. After some research I came across a website called Inkwell. A teacher created Inkwell because she understood organization and knew important notes people needed space for. After reviewing pictures and comments, I decided to go for it. The planner had budget sheets, travel pages, extra note paper, goal lists for each month. I was blown away, but I wasn't truly satisfied with the entire design of the planner because I only had a choice of two covers.

Now I stand here today knowing I have found the right planner for me. I started following a blog by Kristy Dickerson. She was entrepreneur, speaker and created the Start Planner. After scrolling through her choices of planners, I immediately stopped once I saw the Fancy-Pants planner. The beautiful binding and different choices of colors. It was a planner that I could use for a long time and I would just have to pay for the paper each year. I waited anxiously for when she finally released the 2017-2018 Fancy-Pants planner. I now have in my hands in the perfect planner for me and I don't think I will ever go back.

Obviously, it took me awhile to get to the point where I wouldn't have any other planner in my hands. When looking for a planner, there's a lot to think about! Somethings you should consider:

1. What type of planner are you looking for? This could mean a mid-year planner or full year planner. Many planner brands have different options that you need to consider before purchasing.

2. How much are you looking to spend? If you aren't an avid planner user yet start out small/cheaper side. You don't want to waste money on a nice planner you won't use.

3. What do you mostly use your planner for? Some planners have everything: to fitness regime, grocery shopping list,travel plans, budgeting, goals, daily work and events. For me, I like to have all of that handy even though I have a work computer that tells me when I have meetings/appointments.

4. How big of a planner do you need/ want? Lilly Pulitzer makes jumbo planners for the busy bees who need the the extra room.

I hope my helpful tips leads you to the right planner for you. Maybe my planner obsession will rub off on you. For any questions on good planners and on where to find them, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Photo credit: Start Planner


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