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Time to Design and Organize the Cubicle

The most exciting aspect of getting that full time job is decorating your desk (well at least for me it was). I wanted to decorate my desk all summer. Finally once I moved and actually had all my stuff, I had time to make my a dream a reality. When I first started, many people forgot that my desk was taken because all I had was my stand up desk for my laptop. My laptop would come with me, so my desk looked pitiful. All around me people would cover their desks with photos, books and few other important items for work. It truly shows their personality. I'm known as a person that likes colors and add my own twist to things. I had a concept in my head and I was ready for it to become a reality.

This is the view of my desk. Luckily for me I get a standing up desk, which allows me stand up throughout the day. When it came to start deciding on how I wanted to decorate my desk, I thought about the three most important things I wanted to have on it. I wanted to have pictures of people that I care dearly about (or just to show people I have a life outside of work), some touches of color, as well as major organization abilities.

Most people in my office just tape the photos on their wall. Not me of course. I found some cheap thread and was able to create hanging photos on both sides of my cubicle. In this photo you can not only see some of the photos I incorporated on my desk, but also a pop of color and organization. The flowers are fake sadly because I can't keep a plant alive to save my life. I also have sticky notes in the gold, striped container and the obvious sticky notes. I love sticky notes to put into my planner or writing down some quick notes on things I need to do for the day.

When I first started working for Arrow, the Vice President of my department gave me a bunch of books to read. He had a library of books on his desk, which he let others read. I did actually read them and thought why not start my own little library on my desk. Though it is a very small library, it will definitely grow in time. It just makes yourself look good showing your boss that you read these leadership and job related books. You want to show you are taking the extra steps to learn more and try new techniques within your company.

Now here comes the organization part of my desk. As many of you know, I'm avid planner user and I basically write in my planner everyday. When it comes to the more hectic days, I not only write my meetings into my planner, but I take a notepad page and tape it into my planner. From there I write all the things I have to do that and check it off once I complete it. At the end of the day it feels satisfying all the work I completed and checking off "Nailed It!" at the end.

When it comes to organizing and decorating your cubicle, makes sure it's you and you enjoy seeing whatever is on your desk everyday. Show your true self that many people don't get to see outside of work hours. For me, I wanted to show people how outgoing I am with a very fun and upbeat personality. I want my desk to be approachable and actually show that someone works at this desk. Have fun decorating! I would love to see how you decorate yours. Comment below with pictures!


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