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Unlock Your Lettering

I was finally hit with the calligraphy bug and I think I'm in love with this hobby. Calligraphy has become an obsession that has taken over social media. Not only is it an amazing pass time, but it actually helps improve handwriting. I thought I would give it a try because I needed a new hobby and my hand writing could use some improvement.

How I got started was simple. I got the tracing booklet and a black, thick marker. From there, I just sat in my bed and started tracing away. What took me some time to get used to was making sure when strokes needed to be thicker. When it came to actually connecting the letters, I thought that was the easiest part. As you can see above, the letters don't always have to connect. Once I took off my training wheels, I moved on to free hand. I tried to look at the book for guidance and write inspirational quotes. I felt like I graduated pretty quickly and my mom did say my handwriting had improved. I took that as a win win!

When it comes to calligraphy, you need to have patience and just let the marker in your hand do it's thing. You start knowing when to put pressure for thicker strokes and when to let up. If you want to start the calligraphy trend, here is what you need:

1. Look on Amazon or Etsy for calligraphy books/tutorial sessions. One company I read about will send calligraphy templates as well as give you full access to its videos. I decided not to go that route, but if you really want to dive in deep check out Hand Letter Design.

2. Start with black markers. The black helps you understand when to do thicker strokes versus thinner strokes. It's better to get a marker, like the one I have in the picture. Then gradually make your way to color once you finished learning all the letters.

3. After moving on from tracing, get a journal to practice in. The paper needs to be thick so the markers don't bleed through. Make it your calligraphy journal and write inspirational quotes or words that speak to you. I even have practiced writing my name in calligraphy. It's still a work in progress, but I will get there. ☺️

From Hand Letter Design company:

photo credit: Hand Letter Design


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