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Why Take a Personality Test

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

I'm ENFJ, which stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging (with the extra letter T for Turbulent). What does this mean exactly? Well for starters, each letter resembles an aspect of my personality, which leads to my overall personality title (which I'm saving for later in this post).  

The Letters

E: Extraverted explains my state of mind. I prefer to be with a group and become energized after talking with people. I thrive in an environment that allows me to be social as well as love to hear feedback. I'm more likely to take the lead on projects. Though this aspect might get me in trouble because I like to take on more than I can chew and I'm not afraid of a challenge. Whether if it's in the workplace or just in life I feel like I can handle anything thrown at me. 

N: When it comes to intuitive, we are imaginative people that are open-minded. Intuitive explains my energy level and how I look at ideas. Many people know I'm dreamer and when I want something I make it happen. I believe in never ending improvement and try to make connections through my thoughts. This does speak to my character because at the office I always want to know what I can do better and how I can achieve it. Though my percentage wasn't too far off from Observant, I take a little of both traits.  

F: I won't deny that I'm a sensitive person. Feeling speaks to my nature and how I make decisions. When it comes to making decisions, I follow my heart instead of my head and I'm not afraid to show it. When it comes to expressing my feelings, I'm compassionate, emotional and sensitive. I can sometimes be naive and be taken for granted because I rather cooperate than start any argument. But when it comes to something I care about deeply, I will fight tooth and nail for it. 

J: Judging explains my approach to work, planning and decision making. You probably thought something a little more negative when you hear the term "judging", but it actually the opposite. I think I definitely got this trait from my mother because a big part of this trait is being organized and thorough (thanks Mom!). With having this trait, I don't like to have mistakes and immediately come up with a contingency plan to deal with any situation. I prefer clarity and closure, followed by always having a plan. I'm mentally have a checklist in my head and once it's checked, I don't look back. 

T (the extra letter): When I first read the word "Turbulent", I immediately questioned this quiz. I don't understand how I was a turbulent person. After reading the description, I realized it wasn't as negative as it seemed. I'm very success-driven, perfectionist and eager to improve on my abilities. I always feel the need to do better and grow as an individual. Though it might be exhausting to keep achieving high, the Turbulent trait makes people achieve quickly. 

You now might be wondering why I just typed "Protagonist" in the header. Well, that's my personality according to my traits. I'm a firm people believer and I'm drawn to strong personalities. Being a people-believer can be a negative and a positive.

    The Positives: 

             - Natural and easy to communicate with others

             - Reach every mind, whether its through facts and logic or raw emotion

             - Easily see people’s motivations

             - Able to bring these ideas together and communicate them as a common goal with an eloquence

             - Unlikely to be afraid to take the slings and arrows while standing up for the people and ideas I believe in

The Negatives:

           - When I believe in someone, I can become too involved in the other person’s problems, place too much trust in them

           - Overextend optimism, sometimes pushing others further than I'm ready or willing to go.

           - Get too caught up in another person’s plight

           - Can develop a sort of emotional hypochondria 

           - Seeing other people’s problems in myself, trying to fix something in myself that isn’t wrong.

My profile is so detailed that it gives my strengths and weaknesses, how I handle romantic relationships, friendships, how I might be as a parent, career path and potential workplace habits. Also, it mentions certain celebrities, characters and great thinkers who share the same personality trait as me. Looks like I could be the next Oprah! Looking to read more details about my personality? Click the title of this section to read it all! 

Why Take the Test?

A personality test can teach you so much about yourself and your peers. Not only is it good to get a clear understanding of how you might operate, but understanding how others do as well. It's important in the work force to be a team player and working with different personalities is definitely a job in itself. After I took this assessment, our manager requested the entire team took it so she could get a better understanding of us as individuals as well as how we can work as a team better. I wouldn't be surprised if your office hasn't already made you take it. If not, it might be time to. 

Click this link and take the test for yourself. It's a simple 100 question test that will take about 12 minutes. Don't think too hard about your answers. You know yourself better than anyone and don't double guess yourself. Once you've taken it, read about the personality and take notes. See how you can you learn from this. Discover your true personality in a new light!


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